Our Story

Here’s our story. ✨ (and don’t be fooled, we are wearing LOCAL shirts under all that buffalo plaid!) .

We love Rhode Island.

This is where we met. We met each other. We met our best friends. We made our favorite memories. We started our forever lives. But then we had to leave.

We always knew we would be back here. It was just a matter of when.

This year, all the stars aligned and we were able to move back to our favorite place. Where we knew we would end up eventually- and luckily for us, eventually came earlier than expected.

So now, we are living in “our happy place.” Proud to not just be visitors, but to say we are Locals. .

This brand was created to represent our love for this little state, and what it means to us. We don’t think you have to live here forever to represent being a “local.” But you have to love it here. 💕



Hi Melissa! We do have wine glasses! (they are under Accessories) :) You can always email me with any questions. thelocalrhody@gmail.com

Melissa Brusso

Do you have wine or bar glasses with your logo?
I swear I’ve seen them, but just don’t see them right now.

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